Christine Brewster
 Maker of Contemporary Functional Baskets
Reading, Berkshire
0118 966 2250            07786 062860   

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Wool Basket

Willow baskets designed and made with a contemporary style. I make a wide range of baskets using willow from Somerset or locally grown in Berkshire. Each basket is individual and to my own design. My techniques are based in the English tradition, with some borrowed from basketmaking throughout the world. My work shows a distinctive style with organic shapes and flowing forms.


I sell my work at events throughout the year and from my own workshop in Englefield. I sell directly to the public only and do not normally make for the retail market. 


Lunch basket

Baskets made to your own specification: log baskets or shelf baskets that fit into a particular space are popular. Amongst my recent commissions I have been asked to make a bicycle basket, a fish trap, a basket for carrying a coaching horn and a chicken coop.

Oval Shopping basket


I take pleasure in repairing baskets of all sorts. If the structure is sound a repair can often be done: putting on a new handle is common. If a treasured basket is beyond repair I can often make a copy.

Shopping basket

I teach basketmaking to beginners, improvers and advanced students of basketmaking, from simple willow weaving projects and covering a variety of techniques and materials.

Learn the Craft


Demonstrations of basketmaking at craft and countryside events. For outdoor events I come self-contained with my own gazebo, tables, chairs etc and do not require a power supply. I usually charge for demonstrations and ask to be allowed to offer my work for sale to the public.  

Quince basket

I do drop-in willow weaving activities for children at outdoor events. A popular activity is making willow mini-hurdles, where each child is shown how to make a small woven square that can be taken home. I usually charge for organising this activity.


Talks on basketmaking methods and materials. I use my large collection of samples and pass them round the audience for illustration. My passion for recycling is shown in my numerous baskets made with unusual and recycled materials. My talks can be tailored for grown ups or children.