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Ewe and Lamb SculptureThis workshop uses willow to make free-form figures, either abstract or taken from life.  We will look at different ways of making the basic framework using a ‘sphere’ or a ‘skeleton’ and different ways of weaving to add detail such as a head, ears or a tail. You may like to bring pictures or sketches to work from. Students are warned that the finished work may be large and they may need suitable transport to take their work home! Local delivery can be arranged.

No previous experience of working with willow is required for this workshop, although students may find that some knowledge of willow basketmaking is helpful.

Students will work at tabletop height, mostly standing up. Super-fit physical agility is not required for this workshop although some bending to floor level and stretching to above head height is required.

Please bring sharp secateurs and a sharp craft or gardening knife such as a Stanley knife. Wear old or working clothes because the materials can be grubby.

For further information or to book a place, call Christine Brewster on 0118 966 2250 or e-mail