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Chair seating with cane

Willow Wednesdays are aimed at people who want a dedicated time for working at chair seating or basketmaking in a quiet place with a relaxed atmosphere and materials and help available.  They are particularly suitable for those who want to learn chair seating in stages, or those who want help or practice with some aspect of basketmakingWillow Wednesdays run from 10:00 to 18:00, but you can choose your own times within this and you will not be pressured to finish at a particular time.  Come for half a day or a whole day.  At each session there may be several students working on projects which may be similar to yours or may be totally different.  Teaching time is divided between the students attending.  There are unlikely to be more than six students at any session.

For chair seating with cane, rush, whole willow or any other material you can come for a session for instruction on how to get started, work at your own pace, and then return for more instruction when you get stuck or when you are ready to move on to the next stage.  For chair caning this probably means four or five half day sessions plus some work at home to complete an Edwardian bedroom chair in standard six-way pattern.  The sessions can also be used for more advanced chair caning such as curved pieces, sun rise and medallion chair backs, more unusual patterns such as double Victoria or hexagonal Star of David or Snowflake patterns, or close caning.

For basketmaking, these sessions are useful for those who want help with a particular technique such as a willow handle or a border. They are ideal for those who want to practise  with help available. They are recommended for students who want to experiment with more unusual techniques or materials such as plaited baskets using rush, card or recycled materials, hexagonal plaiting or mad weave, coiling, twining or frame baskets. Willow Wednesdays sessions range from simple willow basketmaking for beginners to squarework for advanced students.

For other willow techniques, Willow Wednesdays are ideal for learning to make small willow sculptures. It is not possible to make plant supports or other large garden structures during a Willow Wednesday class.

Willow Wednesdays are held every Wednesday in my own studio. The address is

The Coach House
Bear Lane
Hare Hatch
RG10 9XR


Tea, coffee and biscuits are always freely available, but if you want to stay all day bring a picnic lunch.

Please book in advance  

If you would like to attend please phone in advance so that I can make sure I have any materials and equipment you may need. Willow needs up to a week’s soaking before use and this cannot be done on-site.

Prices range from £20 to £60 for a half day or £40 to £100 for a full day. Materials are charged extra.

For further information or to book a place, call Christine Brewster on 0118 966 2250 or email